Autoliv Terminations/Layoffs

Have you been affected by the current layoffs, terminations, firing, or restructuring of Autoliv? If so comment below and let the community know what is going on inside the organization.

Current Confirmations:

No information currently available. Let us know in the comments below if you have something to share.


About Autoliv:

Autoliv Inc. is the world’s largest automotive safety supplier with sales to all leading car manufacturers worldwide. Together with its joint ventures, Autoliv has over 70,000 employees in 27 countries, of whom 8000 are involved in research, development and engineering. In addition, the company has 22 technical centers around the world, including 19 test tracks, more than any other automotive safety supplier. The group is among the biggest Tier 1 automotive suppliers in the world, with annual revenues exceeding USD 10 billion, and is part of the Fortune 500, ranking #283 in 2017. Autoliv Inc. is incorporated in Delaware, USA and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. It runs its business through two business segments: Passive Safety and Electronics. The company’s shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and its Swedish Depository Receipts on the OMX Stockholm Stock Exchange.




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How were you affected?

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